Ultrasonic-cleaning and robotic-rinsing technology

TMA Environmental, a proud partner of Clean As New, is able to offer the most innovative patented ultrasonic-cleaning and robotic-rinsing technology. With this strategic partnership, TMA environmental is privileged to offer TechSonic’s patented ultrasonic cleaning technology and serve as the only Louisiana-based company to provide mobile ultrasonic cleaning at your facility.

Ultrasonic Technology

  • With the aid of synchronized transducers, alternating (high & low) frequencies are generated.
  • These frequencies, in combination with the chemistry solution, create millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles.
  • During this process the bubbles vigorously implode. The continuous microscopic implosions are known as cavitation.
  • The microscopic bubbles and the chemistry effectively penetrate and remove physically and chemically bonded contaminants.
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Ultrasonic Cleaning Options with Clean-As-New

  • Offsite - @ Clean-As-New Facility (Baytown, Texas)
  • Mobile Application - Transport our equipment to your facility to support your turnaround or outage.
  • Nested - Long-term mobilization at your facility for continuous specialized cleaning.
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